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About Us

LOOMA MOCK UPS (7)_edited_edited.png
Nahshid Sulaiman aka One Be Lo aka One Man Army
and General Subliminal aka Mr Hide aka Mr Reeman aka The Anonymous
aka Huizzy aka Khemo Sabi aka Rahlo

Nahshid Sulaiman @onebedoublelo7
Cover art and Illustrations
Naim Ibn Nahshid @near_orbit
Looma scripts
LoFat @onebedoublelo7
Maps and Constellations
Savera Iftikhar @artsavvy


(Light Years Apart) Typography by:

Cooper Neil

Production, Narration, Arrangement
One Man Army @onebedoublelo7
Recording and Mixing
MVG @mvgmvgmvgmvg
Conductor Williams @conductorwilliams
Graphic Layouts and Website Design
Bilqees Sulaiman @bilqeessu
For more info, follow:
One Be Lo - @OneBeDoubleLo7
The Looma - @TheLoomaBook
Mia Wa Ashara - @MiaWaAshara
Binary Star - @BinaryStarMusic
Sand Foundation - @TheSandFoundation

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